Christmas Card
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tokyo Ghoul Fanart
Happy with how this piece turned out. It’s very clean, the lighting is good, and the background is nice and simple. The only things that need to be improved are the eyes and blood.
Killua Fanart
Simple fanart from Killua. I am proud of the lineart, as it looks very smooth. The eyes went very well as well and same with the background. Overall, I am proud of this piece.

Ren (OC) Draft 3
I tried experimenting with the background, but it was kind of a disaster. I think I did well with the proportions (except for the shoes). The clothing needs a bit more detail in my opinion.

Kira (OC) Draft 2
This one looks a little less flat compared to my first draft. I am relatively pleased with the hair and the eyes. The clothing and lower body proportions could use a little work though.

Ren (OC) Draft 2
Second draft of Ren. I am still debating on how to draw his hair. I was also too lazy to color in the cup properly, so I put a random gradient in it.

Kira (OC) Draft 1
My first draft of Kira. This did not go very well, and I think it looks way too flat.

Ren (OC) Draft 1
My first draft of Ren, the main character for my Webtoon I plan to create. Drawn on Clip Studio Paint.