Kira Draft 1 (OC)

To preface this post, I would like to clarify that I was recently studying for a college examination. My supply of time was limited, hampering my ability to post on schedule. However, when the fall season commences, I will post frequently throughout the week.

My latest piece of art was an excellent learning experience. A multitude of mistakes were made. Now I know what works well and what does not work well.

The character I drew is named Kira. She is going to be one of the supporting characters in my upcoming Web Comic. I am still in the process of figuring out her exact appearance.

Final Drawing

Kira’s Lineart

Background Lineart

What went well:

  • The background composition
  • This is my first time drawing an actual background (digitally). I am pleased with the layout and design of the furniture behind Kira. The lines were very clean as well.
  • The color palette
  • I am happy with the colors that I chose. Evidently, I went with many shades and tints of pink in the background and on Kira. Color is a weakness of mine, as I believe that I have color deficiency.

What didn’t go well:

  • The shading
  • Everything looks so flat! Like my previous drawing, I decided to shade in relatively random places. There is no sense of depth whatsoever.
  • The character design
  • The character’s choice of clothes were alright. However, she looks pretty ordinary and bland. Next time, I will attempt to make her look more “kawaii.”
  • The lineart
  • The lineart is clean, but I feel that it contributes to the overall two-dimensional look of the character. It’s a bit too thick in my opinion and does not have enough variety.
  • The proportions
  • The fingers on the hand making the peace sign are a bit off in length. Additionally, the right shoe on Kira is kind of looks like it’s backwards.

Final Thoughts

I am inspired even more to continue drawing on Clip Studio Paint, albeit I failed utterly in this drawing. I have learned many new skills from this that I will apply in the future. Tomorrow I will begin drafting another character, so stay tuned for that!

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