Ren Draft 3 (OC)

Today I attempted to draw a background with digital watercolors, both of which I have little to no experience with. Thus, this drawing was more of an experiment. The drawing turned out alright, but I learned many things along the way and am slowly acclimating to doing backgrounds with watercolors.

Below I drew a full body rendering of my main character Ren. His main features are on their way to being finalized. Based on this and my previous drawings, it seems that he will usually wear a blue sweatshirt and purple hair.

What Went Well:

  • The speed
  • I drew the character and colored him much quicker than usual. I am starting to get into the flow of things when coloring the characters. The background took a little long, but I definitely moved quicker than usual regardless.
  • The composition
  • I am relatively happy with the composition of this piece. The outfit of the character suits him well, and in this piece you can see that he is standing in the middle of a bathroom, with the stalls on his left.
  • The colors
  • Overall, I liked the color choice. I stayed in the range of the dark blue hues, giving the piece a more gloomy, ominous, and dark tone.

What Didn’t Go Well:

  • The background
  • It looks “amateurish.” There are little white spaces scattered throughout the painting if you look a little closely. The messy strokes were purposeful, although I don’t think they look that good nor do they match the style of the character.
  • The flatness
  • My character seems to pop out, and in doing so, he looks very two-dimensional. Moreover, he essentially looks like a sticker. Although I’m not trying to make him look super three-dimensional, I’m not going for a super flat look either.

Final Thoughts

I am slowly progressing in this character design process and Ren is on his way to being finalized. Even though this drawing was more experimental, I hope you like it!

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