Ren Draft 3 (OC)

Today I attempted to draw a background with digital watercolors, both of which I have little to no experience with. Thus, this drawing was more of an experiment. The drawing turned out alright, but I learned many things along the way and am slowly acclimating to doing backgrounds with watercolors. Below I drew a full body rendering of my main character Ren. His main features … Continue reading Ren Draft 3 (OC)

Ren Draft 1 (OC)

Currently drafting some more characters for my upcoming Web Comic, while simultaneously planning out the panels / dialogue. The drawing featured in this post is Ren, who will be the main character of the piece. I drew this in around 5 hours in one sitting, which is quite fast for me (usually my drawings take a few days). What Went Well: The speed As stated … Continue reading Ren Draft 1 (OC)

Kira Draft 1 (OC)

To preface this post, I would like to clarify that I was recently studying for a college examination. My supply of time was limited, hampering my ability to post on schedule. However, when the fall season commences, I will post frequently throughout the week. My latest piece of art was an excellent learning experience. A multitude of mistakes were made. Now I know what works … Continue reading Kira Draft 1 (OC)